The Company TT&E Traffic Transportation and Environment Consultants SA, was established in December 1997 by Scientists with great and extensive scientific experience in the fields of Transportation & Traffic Studies, Environmental Impact Studies, Spatial & Urban Studies, Transportation & Traffic Organization Studies as well as specialized Studies of Environmental Acoustics, Road Traffic Noise, Airborne & Groundborne Noise, vibrations, Air Pollution, Climate Change and Design – Development of Environmental Monitoring Systems, etc. Its establishment came to fill a large gap in the field of Studies of Transport Infrastructure projects in Greece and especially of Environmental Studies, at a time when environmental protection requirements have largely expanded.

In June 2008, the company was transformed from Ltd into a Societe Anonyme under the name “TT&E Traffic Transportation and Environment Consultants SA” with distinctive title “TT&E Consultants SA”. The company offers a wide range of studies and metrology services for various categories of projects, from their conception to final completion. The company is registered in GEM with ID 509 and possesses study degrees in the following categories:

  • C’ class in category 10 – Traffic Transportation Studies (road, railway, small technical projects, airport infrastructure projects and traffic).
  • C’ class in category 27 – Environmental Studies.
  • A’ class in category 8 – Static Studies (Studies for load-bearing structures of buildings and large or special technical projects).
  • A’ class in category 13 Studies of Hydraulic Projects (Land Improvement Works, Dams, Water Supply and Sewerage).

TT&E Consultants SA” has extensive potential in the field of Environmental Metrology with emphasis on:

  • Acoustic measurements of environmental traffic (road, rail, airport) & industrial airborne noise.
  • Acoustic measurements and indoor vibration measurements & building and industrial facilities acoustics.
  • Measurements & 1/3 octave analyses of groundborne noise, vibrations from road and rail traffic with emphasis on the operation of LRT systems METRO & TRAM.
  • Noise & vibrations at work.
  • Measurements & Monitoring of air pollutants fluctuation.
  • Implementation of standards for the prediction of road, railway, air and industrial noise fluctuation (CNOSSOS-EU) and building acoustics.
  • Application of diffusion patterns of air pollutant concentrations & fluid dynamics.
  • Implementation of meteorological standards and evaluation of the impacts of climate change on traffic projects.